When bloggers become models…Part I

Those of you who follow me on twitter and facebook will know that I was in Melbourne last weekend to collaborate with fashion brand Sarah Connors on their SS11/12 campaign. As ideas progressed as to which direction the photo shoot would take, we came up with the concept of using fashion bloggers as the models for the shoot.

Fashion bloggers have grown in popularity exponentially in the last few years. Sites representing fashion bloggers such as Independent Fashion Bloggers have exploded with the sheer volume of new comers to this field. I wasn’t fully aware of this until I attended the IFB conference in New York earlier this year. It was no accident that brands like Gucci and Proenza Schouler were guest speakers at this event. Luxury brands such as these are fully aware of this growth segment within the fashion industry, and are making it a priority to understand how the fashion bloggers brain ticks. In February  this year, in a world first, Gucci handpicked 7 bloggers globally to live stream their women’s FW11 runway on their blogs. I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of those bloggers and what an honour it was to partner with such an iconic brand!

Another example of this is the large amount of Australian fashion bloggers that have been recognized and given accreditation to next weeks Rosemount Australian Fashion Week.

With the information we had, 3 Melbourne based bloggers were chosen. At this stage, I can’t talk to much about the campaign or show you some shots as the range hasn’t be released. What I can do is showcase to you the 3 bloggers that were chosen to work on this collaboration.

They are: Bianca from iletaitunefois.com.auJasmin from friendinfashion.blogspot.com and Jess from whatwouldkarldo.com

top-Sass & Bide; maxi skirt-Market HQ; sandals-Wittner; bag-from Singapore; sunglasses-Ray Ban, fragrance-Dior Addict


Here is a street style shot of Bianca. She is such a fun girl to be around. We laughed non stop over dinner the night before the photoshoot.

Now… Shall we talk about how polished Bianca looked!… I know.. to die for.

I will feature street style shots of Jasmin and Jess tomorrow and Friday as part II & III of this post.

Lots of Kisses Bianca

Lee x

PS I will be working on a similar project in Sydney in the near future.


Lee Oliveira
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