What’s In Her Closet? Mari Di Pilla – by Lee Oliveira

Taking the “What’s in her bag” concept to the next level, I decided to hit a fashion magazine editors closet to see what’s packed inside. Meet Mari Di Pilla. Fashion features editor at Marie Claire Brazil.

On a recent visit to Sao Paulo, Mari offered some of her precious time to make this all happen. This gave me the opportunity to pull some of my favourite pieces from her closet to shoot.

To her friends, Mari is know as the fake little Italian girl. Even though Mari’s heritage is Italian, her friends still think she is faking it. I’m not sure why because when I was there, we polished off a lot of food. Isn’t this what Italian’s do….. eat. ;o)

Mari isn’t shy when it comes to accessories. I spotted many giant necklaces and big Marni earrings around her apartment. She totally disagrees with the “Less Is More” concept. After all, here favourite quote is  “More Is More And Less Is a Bore” by the one and only Iris Apfel. Her accessory de jour right now is her Apple Watch. This technology loving gal isn’t scared of anything tech and seems to co-ordinate that watch into almost every look she wears and does it well.

As I was going around her apartment, I saw many red lipsticks. I asked, what’s the deal with all these? You have so many. Mari says that if she needs just one thing to take her from a day in the office to a night time event, this is it.

At the end of the shoot, I sat down and hit Mari with my “Top 5 Q’s”

Q: Gucci or LV?

A:Gucci, Alessandro Michele has created a revolution for Gucci and is totally my style (I had to agree. Have you seen my Instagram lately?)

Q: New York or London?

A: New York for sure, 100%

Q: Florals or Strips?

A: Florals, I’m not scared of colour.

Q: Romance or Comedy?

A: Romance, I’m a total romantic at heart.

Q: Pizza or Sushi?

A: Sushi. Yes, I know. I’m Italian by heritage so it should be Pizza but I’m going against the grain this time.

Thanks Mari for allowing me the create a total mess of your apartment during the process ;o)

I did help her get it back to normal afterwards.

Click on the first image to check out all my favourite pieces from Mari’s closet.


Photography & Styling – Lee Oliveira / Edit – JJ


Lee Oliveira
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