What’s In Her Bag? Rafaela Furlanetto

For my first collaboration with Lee Oliveira for “What’s in Her Bag” I got to do one of my “nonsense Q&A’s” with Rafaela Furlanetto. Designer and creative director for popular Brazilian shoe brand, Vicenza. It all took place in the luxurious Cubo Suite on the top floor of the Hotel Emiliano in Sao Paulo. Rafaela was in town for the São Paulo Fashion Week shows. Vicenza shoes were included in two of this season’s major runway shows, Água de Coco and Lolitta. Lee managed to get a few hours out of Rafaela’s busy scdedule and thought her hotel would be the perfect location for a shoot.

Rafaela is from the southern state of Rio Grande do Sul. A treasure trove for some of the most beautiful models in the world including Gisele Bündchen, Alessandra Ambrósio and Daiane Conterato. This region in Brazil is also well known global for shoe production due to the high quality leather. Take a look in your closet and you will probably find you own shoes that are made in Brazil.

Lets go with the Q&A.

Guta: If you could take only one beauty product in your handbag on a romantic trip with your husband, what would it be?

Rafaela: No make up, just a moisturizer. I like to keep it simple and low maintenance.

Guta: Tell us something curious about yourself.

Rafaela: I always do my makeup before I choose my outfit. The hair and make up I put on defines my mood of the outfit I’m going to wear. So make up first, then I open my closet and choose an outfit.

Guta: What’s the perfect high-low outfit?

Rafaela: White V-neck t-shirt, slightly baggy denim, Vicenza flats (bien sûr) and my caramel Hermès bag.

Guta: Accessories?

Rafaela: Nope! Well, maybe a very thin delicate silver necklace.

Guta: Where do you squeeze the toothpaste tube: middle or bottom?

Rafaela: Middle, and it drives my husband crazy!

 Guta: What magazine do you subscribe?

Rafaela: Vogue Japan, I adore the stunning visuals

Guta: What’s your beauty routine?

Rafaela: I use a La Roche-Posay daily moisturizer with UV protection every day. I always carry it in my hand bag. My Shiseido primer is a must and I love the Dior products, especially their mascaras and the blushes (the tanned and bronze tones).

Guta: What’s your favorite “fashion decade”?

Rafaela: The minimalism of the 90’s has a special place in my heart.

Guta: What side of the bed do you sleep?

Rafaela: Right side. And I wake up in a bad mood most of the days. I’m not a morning person but I quickly snap out of it.

Guta: Who’s your favorite street style star?

Rafaela: Leandra Medine. I follow Men Repeller daily.

Guta: What girl band would you have wanted to be part of?

Rafaela: TLC. Go the 90’s!

Guta: Favorite color?

Rafaela: Black, white, grey and blue. I’m kind of a monochrome girl And I always choose to buy timeless pieces in those tones.

Guta: What’s the colour that we wouldn’t see in your closet?

Rafaela: Red and gold. And you won’t see red in Vicenza’s collections either.

Guta: From your experience with your collections, what’s a  sexy shoe that men love?

Rafaela: The ultimate fetish shoes, black peep toe pumps for sure.

Guta: The one shoe every girl should have?

Rafaela: A strappy pair of high heels, black or nude.

Guta: Never say never, but…

Rafaela: Low cut V-neck dresses and blouses. It’s not elegant to show to much cleavage. But never say never, right? (LOL)

Guta: What’s the one bag that you have bought in the past and have never used but still have in your closet?

Rafaela: A gold hand back with a little decorative tiger face. It’s absolutely awful. I can’t believe I still have it…LoL.

Guta: Favorite smell?

Rafaela: The leather of a new pair of shoes right out of the box.

Guta: If you could be reincarnated as Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer, Linda Evangelista or Naomi Campbell, who would it be?

Rafaela: Linda Evangelista, “the chameleon”.

Guta: Did you ever fall in love with something in a store and bought the same item in different colors?

Rafaela: Yes! I love t-shirts with V-necks, I have them in many different colors.

Guta: What’s the next item you’re going to buy?

Rafaela: A wrist watch.

Guta: Your guilty pleasure is…

Rafaela: A very juicy bacon cheeseburger.

Guta: Your signature scent is…

Rafaela: Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay Cologne

Guta: Your favorite shoe brands are…

Rafaela: Aquazzura and Gianvito Rossi

Guta: Where and how did you get inspired to design shoes?

Rafaela:  My father has been in the shoe business for over 30 years. Fashion has always been part of my life. I feel inspired by almost everything: museums, art, the streets, trips, music, a movie… and you know what, whenever I go to a party, I always look at the person’s shoe before the dress and their face. So I look down, and then up and say hello…LoL. It’s a habit. I can’t help it.

Guta: And lastly, Who would you have a one night stand with…… of course if you didn’t have a husband ;o)

Rafaela: Shhhhh… English actor Tom Hardy. No words.

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Photography & Styling – Lee Oliveira / Edit – Guta Raeder


Guta Raeder
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