What’s In Her Bag? Maria Sole Cecchi – by Lee Oliveira

What’s In Her Bag? Maria Sole Cecchi  – by Lee Oliveira

For my next installment of “What’s In Her Bag” I caught up with Florence based designer and creative director Maria Sole Cecchi from Les Petits Joueurs. I thought it would be fitting to see what a bag designer carries around in her own bag. I’ve photographed many of Maria Sole’s iconic lego bags outside the shows during fashion week. You know the ones.  Those “LOVE” bags carried by showgoers are a magnet for the street style photographers.

Whilst in Paris, I decided to style and shoot Maria Sole in her showroom close to the Palais Royal. The stunning white space was the perfect backdrop. It was one of those beautiful old buildings in the centre of Paris. High ceilings, French doors and heaps of natural light. If I was ever to live in Paris, this is the type of place I would nest in.

The showroom was a lively fun place with buyers and fashion editors coming and going as we were shooting. It created a very unique scene. Maria Sole’s whole family was there including her brother Andrea who works with her and her little sister serving prosecco. When I went out back, I found her mother in the kitchen creating perfect little Italian bites wearing a chic apron. This is the type of presentation you want to go too. So non pretentious. They are all so passionate about her business.

Maria Sole is super cool and she definitely isn’t shy in front of the lens. The whole shoot just flowed, including the prosecco ;o)

Click on the first image to start the slideshow, which includes some of her fabulous bags. You can also shop some Les Petits Joueurs iconic bags below.

Mini Daliah Bucket BagAlex Tromp L’oeil Leather Bag, Small lego love toteMicro Janis Rainbow Love Bag,


Photography & Styling – Lee Oliveira / Edit – JJ

Lee Oliveira
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