What’s In Her Bag? Chloe Hill – by Lee Oliveira

What’s In Her Bag? Chloe Hill – by Lee Oliveira

For those that take a regular peek at my site, you would have noticed that I have just revamped it. I hadn’t been paying much attention to it as the main focus these days seems to be on Instagram. With that neglect, the old site basically looked like “shit”

With a lot of hassle and back and forth with a designer, this is the final outcome. There are still a few tweaks but I’m glad it is up and running.

Along with the new site, I am introducing something different along with my usual things. You’ll see a new tab at the top entitled “What’s in her bag” I’ve been meeting with style influencers from around the globe and basically discussing that actual topic. This has enabled me to focus on a different type of photography other than just street style and gives me more flexibility to play with my photography. I can have some fun with it at the same time.

I’m kind of over a lot of the contrived imagery on sites and wanted my shots to be more organic and raw. Tag lines like “A wonderful day of meetings and cups of tea” are soooooo boring. Hell, just give me a Gin and Tonic….. haha. For me, this is much more interesting and really shows the true personality of the subjects. This is what I love most.

My first look “inside her bag” was with magazine Market Editor, Chloe Hill. You’d expect a lot of products and beauty secrets from someone that lives and breaths fashion. I caught up with Chloe for a few hours in her inner city Sydney apartment. We basically chatted and laughed and I was given all access to her wardrobe. I just went for it and styled some of her favourite pieces for the shoot which included the red Romance was Born dress. She often gets told she looks like the designer which is kinda true. As you can see, Chloe ain’t afraid of colour.

I met Chloe about 4 years ago when I first attended Australia Fashion Week in Sydney. We have remained in touch every since.  Chloe has worked in the industry forever and started as an intern fashion assistant with Cleo Magazine. From there, she moved to Instyle and was promoted to Market Editor. Today she works at Oyster Magazine in that same role.

I emptied the contents of some of her favourite bags which included the black Chanel she bought in Paris for her 21st. A classic fashion piece. This is what I found.

Diary. Yes, she still puts pen to paper.

The Romance was born purse was a freebie from a fashion week show

Gucci card holder

Lucas papaw ointment in the red tub. An Aussie girl favourite

Dermalogica Sunscreen for the harsh Australian sun

YSL Toochi Eclat concealer that she swears by

Sunnies by Tom Ford

Chanel mirror

Armani shear lip stick

The Marni earings are always floating around in her bag. Chloe is a bit or a Marni fan. These Earrings can easily take her from daytime at the office to evening fashion events

To get a closer look at more, click on the images to start the slide show.

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Photography & Styling – Lee Oliveira / Edit – JJ

Lee Oliveira
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