Vintage + Pink

Sydney, like any international city is so diverse and has such a range of fashion statements. Sydney street style is no exception. I do get a little bit excited when I come across someone wearing vintage pieces as it really speaks individuality. When I came across Phoenix, I said to myself … bingo. Her style literally spoke to me and expressed her own personality.

I didn’t ask Phoenix my usual booklet of Lee questions as she was very busy selling her hand printed arts all made by her. She does look the arty type. What I did find out is that she likes to buy some of her clothes at second hand stores as she really loves mixing the old and the new.

Her style might not be everybody’s cup of tea but it’s “her” style and that’s what I love. The fact that she was sitting infront of this burnt orange wall also added some drama as I do love shooting colour. I really wanted to add Phoenix to my blog as it expands my photography to all kinds of fashion involving colours, prints, shapes and diversity of style.

Thanks Phoenix. I loved photographing your style.


Lee Oliveira
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