The Little White Dress

Sydney winters are fairly mild compared to some and there are not too many days where you have to drag out your heavy coat to keep you warm. It does still rain a little every now and then though. OK…I am not here to give you guys the forecast on Sydney’s weather, am I!

Well, like I have posted before about the Little Black Dress that I am a big fan of, I also wanted to find on the streets of Sydney a Little White Dress. I’m so glad I finally found the perfect girl wearing one of the cutest little white dresses that I have ever seen. This dress is from one of my favourite Australian designers, Bettina Liano.

Tammy wears white dress by Bettina Liano, pumps by Christian Louboutin and Parisienne fragrance by Yves Saint Laurent

Her name is Tammy and this dress fits her like a glove. She has great posture and gorgeous long legs which made this little white dress look even more beautiful. I was so happy when I came across her walking down the street.

As I was taking a few shots of Tammy I asked her, why a little white dress on a cloudy day? She said she wanted to brighten up the day and feel on the top of the world. Well, she certainly was in her Christian Louboutin pumps.

You probably all want to know why I ask all the people I photograph what fragrance they are wearing. For me, it creates more uniqueness to every post. I want to try to get everyone who reads my posts to imagine themselves there with me in every picture. If you know the smell, you can be a part of my story.

Everyone that I photograph has there own favourite fragrance. When I asked Tammy what fragrance she was wearing. She said “Oh.. It’s Chanel.. It’s Givenchy..Oh.. no no.. it’s definitely Yves Saint Laurent“. I couldn’t stop laughing. She obviously has a few favourites.

I always like to have a bit of a chat while I photograph. I need to know their personality as it makes my photography more real. Its my own signature.

Thanks Tammy. You were lovely to chat with.


Lee Oliveira
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