The girl in the Orange Dress

I’m sure lots of you girls have one or two very stylish silk dresses. Don’t you love it when you find the perfect cut and colour for your skin tone. I was beyond happy when I saw this absolutely gorgeous girl coming my way. Her beauty was visible miles away.

Xenia wears vintage dress, hat and bag all by Sportsgirls, italian boots and BLV II fragrance by Bvlgari

Xenia‘s dress reminded me of a Dianne Von Furstenberg wrap dress. Actually, this one was her grandmother’s. To complete the look she added this hat, long black leather boots and a leather shoulder bag. Does she look divine or what?

I am now truly seeing the progression in my photographs now that I look back at when I started my blog 7 months ago (click here to see it).

These photos of Xenia are some of my best work to date. I absolutely love this second shot of her. I couldn’t believe my luck.

Thanks to Xenia’s fabulous and stylish grandma, I have scored well with these shots. Wouldn’t you all love to go through her wardrobe?!

Thanks Xenia,  it was so great to meet you.


Lee Oliveira
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