Taxi Please!

How could a taxi driver not stop for this beautiful girl? When I saw her in the distance trying to hail a taxi, I couldn’t help myself and ran like a mad thing to get to her before she disappears.

As soon I got close to her I was like … hello, excuse me, excuse me! She probably thought I was a freak. I’m use to those kind of reactions now….haha. Anyway, after introducing myself, I couldn’t stop saying how pretty she was and told her I so needed to get a photo of her. I think secretly she was loving the attention. Don’t we all.

She was obliging and happy to be photographed and I was even happier to have the photos. As I was taking some shots of her I got chatting. Her name is Jasmine Anderson and she is a vocalist and songwriter.

She also told me she was going to live in Sweden next year to pursue her singing career as she had a wonderful job opportunity she couldn’t pass up.

As you all can see, spring has definitely arrived in Sydney and I am starting to see some great looks out and about. I really liked how Jasmine put together this look.  The soft pink see through top paired well with the texture of the short fabric. The clogs are a great look too.

Of course, I had to let her go and as she was trying to get a taxi I got this last great shot of her. She got a taxi in less than a minute (I mean… Hello!!)

Jasmine wears top, shorts both by Bettina Liano, bag and sunglasses both by Oroton and fragrance, Jasmin Noir by Bvlgari

Hopefully I will see you one day singing on TV or at some huge concert.  Don’t forget about me when you get famous.

You were delightful Jasmine. Thank you.


Lee Oliveira
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