Stress and the City

Sydney is a very busy and crazy city. It feels like the city never sleeps. People always rushing around with no time to talk. Like the old saying goes “time is money” and I totally agree.

While I was wandering this crazy city, I actually noticedthat I was one of those crazy people rushing around. As I stood at the street corner waiting for the traffic lights to change, I spotted this young guy across the street who was on his phone. It looked like he was having an intense conversation. When the lights changed I noticed he had finished his conversation and was just standing there. I wanted to approach him and have a chat but I thought (don’t even go there). Well, I didn’t really listen to myself (did I?) and just went for it. I asked him if I could take a photograph and he said “yeah sure”.

I love a well tailored suit myself and admire a man or women wearing one. It creates such a powerful statement. Remember Kevin and Seya from a previous post?

Benjamin wears suit, shirt, tie and shoes, all by Arthur Galan, watch by Kenneth Cole New York watch and fragrance Gucci Pour Homme II

When I was taking his photos, he said to me “hold on a sec” and started to fix his tie. I thought this would make a great shot so I didn’t stop photographing.  His actions created a whole sense of elegance. When he told me he was ready I replied back “I got the shot already” and he laughed. Looks like I made his day by photographing him. (YAY)

In this post I also wanted to point out the importance of having the perfect tie knot. There are so many different techniques out there but one of the most popular and practical knots is the half windsor. I found this link (click here) which I think is really helpful for those guys who struggle to get their tie in the perfect knot.

Thanks Benjamin. You wear your suit so well and you were very stylish.


Lee Oliveira
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