She remembers me..!!!

I stopped this delightful young girl on the street and introduced myself. Well, an introduction for me lasts forever and I’m surprised more people don’t run. As I was explaining to her who I was and what I do she suddenly said to me, I remember you! Bang …. right at that moment I realized and remembered her as well. We both did some brief study at the National Institute of Dramatic ArtNIDA

Well guys, about that … I tried to be an actor for 5 minutes a long time ago and I realized acting wasn’t for me….haha

Zena wears jacket, top, skirt all by Bardot; Vintage italian shoes and Love fragrance by Chloé

I loved how natural Zena looked in these beautiful nude colours. She looked like a rose. Speaking of rose! How cute is that detail on her jacket?!

Zena was going for a job interview that day. Of course the job is related to fashion by the way she looks.

Hopefully you got the job.

Nice to see you again and thank you!

Those of you that follow me on twitter and facebook would know already but… I am actually in Hong Kong right now having the time of my life. This city is mad and crazy ….. I love it. Hoping to get a few shots of the locals on the street. Fingers crossed!


Lee Oliveira
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