On the streets of Sydney…Campbell St

Sometimes I have the impression that people might think I am stalking them. Probably because I look and double check their style and I think it scares some people. Once that’s done, I will introduce myself and start having a chat. Ok Lee …. don’t get to excited and forget to take the picture.

Laura was standing at an intersection and I took the same approach as I do with everyone else.

dress-Anise; belt, necklace, shoes-Vintage; tote bag-Paddington Market; fragrance-The One by Dolce & Gabbana

I found Laura’s dress refreshing and super cute. Her hair was also very pretty.

Thanks Laura,

Lee x

FYI… Finally managed to set up my FACEBOOK FAN PAGE – click here as the only fan at the time of this post is poor little me….haha. Thanks everyone for your ongoing support.

Lee Oliveira
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