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A few days ago I was sitting on my computer doing my thing on twitter, chatting to a few of my tweeps. As I looked out the window, the sun was shining and I knew I had to make a move as I wanted to get out with my camera. My mind was a blank as to where to go. One of my tweeps and a fellow fashion blogger Sam from Samsoni mentioned that I should hit Newtown to get some snaps. Newtown is know for it’s alternative style and the people generally dress with a colourful flair.

As I was walking up the street I spotted this beautiful gem. I wanted to stop her but I could see she was in an extreme hurry. Being me, of course I didn’t let her pass and got a few shots. It was all so quick that I forget to get her name of what she was wearing. I was too busy adoring her effortless style.

Krizia wears top by Zara; shorts, belt and boots all Vintage and bag by Guess

I liked the way her shorts were rolled up just enough so you could the inside of the pockets. Her long belt and the little buckles on her shoes were all extra details that I loved. Oh, and lets not forget the epaulette detail.

Thank you Krizia for emailing me your details. Much appreciated.


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