Meet Seya!

I like to go for a walk with my camera during lunch in the busy CBD streets of Sydney. During this time, more people are generally out and about on their lunchbreaks and I can normally guarantee that I will find a fashionable subject. I was actually trying to find someone who was dressed quite simply. But of course, she had to be stylish and chic at the same time. Look at the treasure I found sitting having a coffee and enjoying the sun.

I was watching Seya flicking her Happer’s Bazaar magazine on her break. Having her moment, laughing about something in the magazine. Of course, I couldn’t help myself and walked over and asked her what was so funny. She showed me a page full of accessories. Shoes, bags and great fashion tips and  thinking how she could find the time to shop for all of them . I called it “the heaven page” and she agreed with me and we both laughed even more. I could tell straight away that Seya loved shopping.

Seya wears suit by Versace, shirt by Giorgio Armani, shoes by Christian Dior and Valentino V Ete fragrance

She has great style. I love her Versace tailored jacket, her crisp white shirt so bright that it hurts my eyes and the cutest Christian Dior flats.

She told me that she had a very large quantity of big heels in her wardrobe but she varies them and wear flats sometimes during of her busy week at work and the Dior’s were definitely a winner for me.  She said, you don’t have to wear heels all the time at work. As long as you feel comfortable and have a “nice” pair of flats you will still look great. I had to agree with her this time. She looked fantastic.

She has the best laugh ever and was a joy to be around.

Oh.. before I go, I also would like to mention that your skin is to die for.

Thank you Seya!


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