I want shoes… more shoes!

I recently was invited by Gideon shoes to come check out their range and perhaps photograph a streetstyle look for my blog. After a little research into the brand it became quite obvious that the ethics behind the company is one that I wanted to support. “Did someone say shoes?” I guess the fact that I loved the shoes also helped in my decision. After visits to many sweat shops in Asia, Gideon decided that this form of manufacturing wasn’t for them. Hence, the shoes are Australia made and almost entirely from Australian materials.

As I walked in I felt the vibe of an energetic and friendly place. Looks like I died and went straight to shoe heaven (I love this stament.. hahaha).

As I turned around I saw these amazing gold shoes. OMG… The connection between me and these gold shoes was like “love at the first sight“.

Thanks to Gideon for providing the model (Simon Hancock). It was a pleasure meeting the team.

Lee x

Lee Oliveira
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