Happy Couple

People who live in big cities normally head to the beach or countryside looking for that escape. For Michael and Casey it was the exact opposite. They headed to the city for their escape with the main objective of eating, shopping and enjoying the excitement that the city had to offer.

They came from Wollongong which is about 90 minutes drive from the city. I spotted them coming in the distance and straight away I thought …… I hadn’t captured any couples on my blog and this would be the perfect opportunity. When I stopped them, Casey immediately began to laugh. I think they felt quite strange to be stopped and asked for a photograph. I don’t think this happens to often where they come from.

I really liked their looks. Casey looked very cute in a Vintage Morrissey dress and sandals with a leather handbag. Michael looked dashing with his inspiration from Diesel and he also made it very clear when he was explaining to me his final touch, which was his “happy-happy” socks.

An hour later, I saw them again walking around and both of them were carrying so many bags. Casey was still all smiles and full of laughter. Not sure whether it was because she saw me again or if it was that she had bought so many things. I think the later may have been the case this time.

Hope you both enjoyed your day and like the shots I got of you.


Lee Oliveira
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