Get some Désordre in your wardrobe

A few days ago I had the pleasure of being invited by Lucinda and Shannon from Désordre to come check out their new store. The girls were originally know as having the “travelling boutique” but they now have their feet firmly on the ground in their new premises in Darlinghurst, Sydney.

Lucinda features some pieces from Désordre Store and YSL gold vintage jacketAs I am a proud supporter of Australian fashion, I do love that they mainly stock Australian designer pieces. Aje, Hannah Macleod, Millie loves Min and Castor V Pollox are just a few of the many designers in store. Alongside these are also a few vintage finds which they also have on display for sale. Of course, I couldn’t help but fall totally in love with a gold YSL vintage jacket I saw on the lower lever of the store. I asked Lucinda if I could photography her wearing it which she proudly did.

Their collection also provides their clients with a few exclusive pieces. And I can not forget to mention the diversity of some unique garments, from a rabbit reversible coat to a stunning vintage black gown.

I asked the girls what was their favourite pieces in this collection. All I saw was their heads turning and hearing their clogs start tapping around the wooden floor and loading a table with lots of goodies for me to see. I wasn’t surprised at all. I would see many girls doing exactly the same thing if they were shopping there (or maybe they would buy the entire collection).

Shannon also features pieces from Désordre Store

Not only would you have these beautiful girls help and inspire you with their collection, but you would also feel their dedication and understanding toward fashion.

As you know, I love using my camera so I could not help but get of few shots of the girls with their unforgettable smiles. They have true Sydney Street Style and it was a pleasure to meet them both.

For all of my international readers, they do proudly ship overseas so I highly recommend you check them out at Désordre store. And to all my Sydneysider readers, you must go check out the store on South Dowling Street.

Now girls, tell me! Don’t they have the most gorgeous pieces ever? And what about those clogs?.. OH.. to die for..!


Lee Oliveira
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