Do you like my Louboutin’s?

Let’s talk about winter boots today, considering we’re in the middle of a cold spell here in Sydney, Australia.

I have seen many stylish leather boots around town this season. If you are looking for the perfect winter boots, these may be the ones for you. And for those who live in “Northern Hemisphere” save this page on your favorites as you might need these for “fashion tips” for your next winter 2010/11 purchases.

Isabel wears shirt by Giorgio Armani, top by Kookai, denim by Bettina Liano, boots by Christian Louboutin, sunglasses by Carrera and Parisiense fragrance by Yves Saint Laurent

Yesterday I headed towards Westfield Bondi Junction to do some shopping. Of course with my camera on hand just incase I see something great. I think my camera is glued to me at the moment. Then, out of the blue  I saw Isabel.  She was wearing these Christian Louboutin boots. My heart missed a beat. The colour was just divine. FYI its “caramel” not brown.

Her Louboutin’s had very cute lace ups at the back. Aren’t they gorgeous! I wanted to take as many good shots as possible of her as I don’t see a many of Louboutin’s around.

I gave her a very nice compliment saying how great she walks in her Louboutin’s. Not that I wear ladies boots, but she knew what I meant. She also told me that even at her home she wears heels. Now… this is what I call “a dedication to style“.

Isabel was just perfect and easy to photograph. She works in fashion and is also a personal trainer. That explains one of the reasons why she has an incredible body, great skin and very bubbly personality.

As she walked, I noticed a few people’s heads turning. How could you miss those amazing boots.

If you have some very special boots at home like these, I would highly recommend you to take extra care of them. They are worth the effort. Here are a few tips for you.

  • Brush off any loose dirt or dust off.
  • Cover the area around the boots to protect the table or floor from any cleaning product that you use
  • Place your hand inside the boot to keep it in shape as you apply shoe products
  • Wash wood or synthetic heels with mild soap and water, using a soft cloth and dry thoroughly
  • Use a soft, clean white cloth to apply leather cleaning solution to any soiled areas of the boot.
  • Apply cleaning solution to the rest of the boot evenly
  • Let dry
  • Then, use a fresh white cloth to buff the boots until leather has a soft rich glow
  • Stuff boots with tissue paper to keep shape
  • Spray boots with protective solution applying evenly
  • Allow to dry at least one hour at room temperature
  • Remove dirt as it happens. If necessary, use a slightly damp cloth.
  • Keep boots out of direct sunlight and store in a temperature-controlled environment. Extreme conditions can cause leather to dry out, fade and crack
  • Reclean and spray your boots at least twice more during the season to maintain and protect your boots
  • Clean thick or faux fur linings with a gentle upholstery cleaner. Follow manufacturer’s instructions for fabric recommendations and application. Use fabric refresher spray or shoe inserts to remove odors from the insides of shoes
  • Apply matching shoe polish to fill in any scratches for very worn and scuffed boots. Follow manufacturer’s instructions for application
  • Use a nylon bristle brush for suede boots to remove stains. Shoe stores often sell special stain remover blocks for suede boots and shoes
  • Clean boots thoroughly before storing during the summer months. Boots left dirty may be permanently damaged by next season

It’s a lot to take in ladies but if you follow these instructions it will help you to preserve them a bit longer.

Especially when you buy expensive ones.


Lee Oliveira
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