Do you like it Lee…Lee…Lee?

Once upon a time I used to work in a luxury store in Sydney. I worked with the most adorable girl. She was so sweet. Her name was Winnie.

Imagine going to work and you couldn’t wait to tell one of your favourite colleagues how your weekend was. Everybody wanted to tell this bubbly girl the news.

Winnie wears shirt by Witchery, jacket by Katherine, skirt and belt both by Ralph Lauren, watch by Marc Jacobs, bag by Sonia Rykiel and fragrance is Parisienne by Yves Saint Laurent

She used to listen to my “long” stories with enormous excitement. If I close my eyes, I can remember these beautiful memories so clearly.

It’s like she wanted to be a part of my world. And she was… and “still is”.

Winnie is a very funny girl,  I could always tell when she did something naughty. Don’t worry Winnie, I won’t share those stories here. (Ok, maybe one..!)

She used to go on her breaks and come back with a “few” shopping bags. Well! They were quite heavy. I had no idea what was in them sometimes. Shoes maybe?!

She would always do a little catwalk for me displaying her new purchases.

At the end of her little catwalk she would always ask me in a very funny way  “Do you like it Lee…Lee…Lee?”  Of course I did, She has impecable fashion style.

Speaking of shopping….

The day I photographed Winnie I asked, what was your latest purchase? She gave me a big smile and said,  “Well, last week I went to net-a-porter and found this pink bag”. (“Do you like it Lee…Lee…Lee?”). How can I ever forget that question.

I shot Winnie with my new camera. It has a better lens than the last one so hopefully you will see my photography getting a little more professional.



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