Casual Friday

It’s quite clear when it comes to Friday that people around the city are wearing there casual Friday looks. I was going to attend a fashion event at Circular Quay in Sydney’s CBD and this is where I bumped into Alex attending the same event.

Alex wears jacket, shirt all by Calibre, pants by Top man, belt by Ralph Lauren, shoes by Arthur Gallan and fragrance La Martina Hombre by La Martina

The first thing I noticed was that I have the exact same jacket as him. Not only that, but I also liked how he mixed these natural colours together. Not a lot of people get this right but I think he pulled it off. I asked him if he worked in fashion and his reply was no. He simply likes to dress like this when it comes to Friday in the office. I was also obsessed with his fragrance. And of course Lee never shuts up.. I found out that it was called  “La Martina“.

I found it interesting when I was doing some research on the fragrance later as I had never come across this before.  It had a combination of spicy, warm, rich, peppery and a very leathery scent although it doesn’t smell like leather. It made so much sense to me and perfectly matched with the colours he was wearing.  I will never stop asking my street fashionistas my 2 million questions. You know by now that I do love a chat.

On this particular day in Sydney it was so bright that I was concerned about too much light when I was taking his picture. I didn’t take the best shot of Alex but I really wanted to show his impeccable style to you all.

So, I apologize for that. If I do bump into Alex again one day on the streets I will definitely get another shot.

Great to meet you so quickly Alex. You do have great taste, especially the  jacket! haha


Lee Oliveira
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