BOTB final shot

As promised, my Bettina Liano beauties continue with the adorable Liz. I knew she was expecting me to photograph her but when I saw what she was wearing I almost had a heart attack. I didn’t know what do to at first (scream, laugh, cry, jump) too dramatic?! hahahaha. But, I composed myself and was very focused. My photography comes first before anything. Even though I didn’t catch her on the street, that’s were I wanted her to be. Of course, this is how she arrives at work so for me this is Sydney Street Style.


The navy looked amazing on her. I also loved her combination of accessories (gold necklace, leather glove, wedges and oversized sunglasses).

Liz wears dress, leather glove, necklace all by Bettina Liano, bag by Wittner, sunglasses by Sabre and Chloe fragrance

I am so glad that I found these girls.

Thank you Chay and Liz.


Lee Oliveira
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