All the best Street Style from Paris Men’s Fashion Week by Lee Oliveira – Part 1

All the best Street Style from Paris Men’s Fashion Week by Lee Oliveira – Part 1

I haven’t been to Paris for the men’s shows for about 2 years. The last time I was there, I didn’t really enjoy what the guys were wearing outside the shows hence, the long gap between visits. I thought I’d give it another try as I had to be here to work on a project during Haute Couture. As you were aware, I was in Milan for the men’s shows and I continued my journey onto Paris to fill in time before Haute Couture starts.

It’s always hard to see men’s fashion on the streets anywhere else after being in Italy. Those Italian guys generally make more of an effort in their overall appearance. Italian guys have always been known for this. They like to wear more colour and seem to make more of an effort. That colour makes a bigger impact especially in images. When you hit Paris for the men’s shows after Italy, it always feels a little…… blah. This visit was no exception. On the whole, it was harder to sift through the guys outside the shows who just looked like crap. Then you had the other guys who seem to think putting together a vomit of labels somehow translates to style….. NOT. Yes, and there were a few of those guys standing and trying to look busy on their phones before and after the shows just to be photographed. I remember once at the women show in New York, there was this blogger who was pretending to talk on her phone and then all of a sudden it rang at the same time. Yes, can you believe it. I had to turn the other way because I couldn’t stop laughing.

I did some hunting and these are the guys I picked as the best during Paris Men’s Fashion Week.

Click the first image in the gallery to start the slide show and get a closer look at the details.

Stay tuned for part 2 coming soon.

Images – Lee Oliveira / Edit – JJ

Lee Oliveira
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