50’s Stylin’

You have no idea how happy I was when I saw this beautiful woman wandering the streets of Newtown walking her dogs. Such a 50’s inspiration and please take a closer look at her hair style. Gorgeous! The street was packed full of people but she stood out with her look and her poodles. I was actually on the opposite side of the road so I had to run and dodge traffic to catch up with her. I almost got run down by a car. (I am ok!)  When I caught up to her I jumped in front and said “Hello!!”… hahaha. She was so calm with the sweetest voice ever. Meanwhile.. I jumping like popping popcorn with happiness. She didn’t want me to take her photo but I insisted. I had to show you all how stylish she was.

Sarah wears 50’s Vintage dress and fragrance Miss Dior Cherie by Dior

I adored her 50’s dress. I love the little details including the multiple spaghetti straps and the print on the bottom half. I assume back in those days the dress and print were very fashion forward.

I have a real appreciation for vintage pieces but its a little difficult at times to find girls on the street wearing the right combinations. When I find it, I can’t wait to feature it here. Remember Maddy from Maddy on Bourke? She was another one of my vintage catches.

I felt guilty because I didn’t have any treats for Buddy (black poodle) and Marcel (white poodle) but I did give them a little attention too.

Thanks Sarah. You are super stylish.


Lee Oliveira
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