1 Year of leeoliveira.com

Exactly one year ago I pressed the “publish” button for my first blog post. I didn’t know what to expect… all these things were crossing my mind at the time! Are people going to like me! Am I going to be any good at this! Will people take my website seriously and feel inspired!…. I could go on and on.

I have met some amazing people in such a short time of leeoliveira.com. Late last year I made some rash and scary decisions about what I should do and which path I should take (“The last post for 2010 – The Real Me“). But like ever single human being, we are free and entirely able to change our lives to some extent. Thankfully, the change to focusing on my blog fulltime has opened up many opportunities.

Today is the 1 year anniversary of my blog. Or should I say OUR BLOG?! This blog is not just about me, it’s about all the people I photograph. I enjoy sharing my photography, and you my readers were always the big judge and pushed me to work harder. I look back now at some of my original photos when I started the blog and I think…. how bad were they…. haha. But, on the other hand it shows the journey of how far I have come and how seriously I now take the quality of the shots. This passion that I have turned out to be something that a lot of people like about my blog and I’m glad you all feel inspired by the people I photograph.


dress-Tiger; jacket-Pumpkin Patch; boots-Myer; stockings-Cotton On; fragrance-Flora by Gucci (OMG)


I wish I could celebrate this special day with each one of you. So, instead of making this post about me. I wanted to put this gorgeous little fashionista that I photographed last week at Rosemount Australia Fashion Week. Her name is Jackie. Could she be any cuter?

Tonight I will be having a glass of champagne (well… maybe a bottle) and I will be wishing all of you could join me.

I thank all of followers and supporters from the bottom of my heart for trusting my fashion eye and feeling inspired through my photographs. Without all of you supporting me, my blog wouldn’t be were it is today.


Lee Oliveira xo



Lee Oliveira
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